Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6 Ways Showing Gentle Love in the Bedroom can Spice Up your Life

Usually, the level of intensity of a sexual act usually depends on both partners. But in a world were most people prefer their pleasures, fast, quick and to-the point, the art of slow lovemaking might be dying.

Sure, fast sex has its own perks. It feels primal and hot. Plus, it makes you feel even more desired, but there are a few reasons why slow sex can be awesome too.

1. It lasts longer
Sex lasts way longer when you have slow sex than when you’re just going at it like a couple of rabbits. When you have slower sex, you get to enjoy the act more than if you’re just “getting it over with.” Plus, wouldn’t you want something pleasurable to last longer?

2. More intimate
If you want to feel really close to your significant other, slow sex is definitely the way to go. For some reason, you feel more attached and in tune with them when you’re able to slow things down and really appreciate them and their body.

3. Happier ending
Sex usually ends happily, but if you have slow sex, it’ll be an even happier ending. Why, you ask? Well, when you build it up slower, you’re going to have a much more intense release - especially men.

4. There is a better chance of the girl finishing
 We all know that most women take much longer than men to finish, which means that not all women get to finish every time—especially during a quickie. By slowing things down, it’ll last much longer, and that means there’s a better chance that the woman achieve the big “O.”

5. The guy will last longer
Guys, we all know this one is true. When you take your time and have slower sex, you last much longer. Since you’re not going to pound town, your body will take you longer to reach climax. Who doesn’t like sex when it lasts longer? An added bonus is that you’ll look like a complete stud to the lady you’re making love to.

6. It spices up your sex life
When you’re used to fast-paced sex and you take things way slower than normal, it changes the entire dynamic of your sex life. So if you’re someone who is feeling like your sex life needs a boost or is missing something, slow sex may be the answer.

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