Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Things you Need To Stop Doing in your Relationship

So you're now tired and bored with your relationship…. Once again.  Why does it feel like everything has suddenly become soured.

Everything that was going so well is now nowhere. Well you could be the reason why your relationship is fizzling and here's you could fix it.

1.) You've become bored with your routine.
It's no news that humans crave new experiences. That's why a weekend escape sounds so much more appealing than that table-for-two dinner at home once again. Sure, having a routine can be comforting, but a little spontaneity can certainly help spark a new flame in your relationship.

2.) You focus on the negative.

Your boyfriend does 99 great things for you, but you just want to hammer on that one bad thing he's done. Switch your thinking and realize how those heart-eyes-inducing acts of love make you feel instead.

3.) You're uncomfortable talking about sex.
When did sex become a taboo topic between couples in love? Bedroom compatibility is obviously very vital, but how will you know if you haven't discussed each other's needs in the bedroom? It's going to get awkward (if it does), but it also needs to happen, so get over it like an adult and have that talk asap!

4.) You involve too many people in your problems.
Your best friend, hairdresser, coworker, therapist, and bikini waxer don't have to become part of your relationship problems. In fact, they don't all need to hear about your issues with your guy. The more you talk negatively about your significant other, the more the narrative sticks in your mind and the more damage you can inflict on your relationship.

5.) You're not investing in yourself.
It might sound counter intuitive, but stoking interests outside of your relationship can help strengthen your connection with bae. Try some new things on your own, like floral arranging or creative writing, and identify as something more than "so-and-so's girlfriend." A spouse always is full of admiration for a partner who's creative and can do things without being asked to.

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