Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dear Men: 4 Reasons your girlfriend/wife may slap you in public

In most relationships, women are slow to anger. They turn to be more considerate, perseverant and patient towards their partners.

Even when things are going wild and out of control, women find a way to calm everything or everyone down. So why would a woman be so mad that she’ll slap her beau in public? Here are four interesting reasons below

1.) Lying to her face
Some men think women love to be lied to, but the truth is that everyone hates to be lied to. If she sees you doing something wrong, something you promised NEVER to do again and yet you look her in the eye and lie, be ready to get that face spank! "How dare you lie to my face!"

2.) Catches him cheating
All women will probable react the same or even worse when she catches her man red handed cheating on her. Most of the time, she sends the mistress out and reigns a series of slaps on the guy. But, this is for the calmer ones. For the very angry women, they could kill and regret their actions later.

3.) Being a jerk
Some men just don't know how to behave in front of woman. A guy walks towards a lady in the club and goes, "why is your a** looking like a flat wall?" "Why are you looking like a frustrated widow?" - What do you think she'd do to him? Some guys get too handsy. They attempt to touch the girl on the wrong places which could result to her slapping him

4.) Bad judgement
Sometimes she could misunderstand everything and believe only what he's set her mind to believe. That's why it's always great to have absolute evidence on someone you're accusing of a crime. So don’t go about slapping an innocent man who knows nothing about your accusations.

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