Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gremio 'Ghost' Is Haunting Rivals Internacional To Get Them Relegated

Bizarre: A ghost turns up at Gremios game

Brazilian club Gremio have focused plenty of attention in recent days in South America, as they are being supported by a ‘ghost’.

After 27 rounds of the season, Gremio are currently eighth in the Brazilian top flight.

On Wednesday night, Gremio beat Palmeiras, and one of the big talking points was a strange sighting in the crowd.

One supporter turned up to the game with a white sheet over his head, two holes cut out for his eyes, and generally looking like a ghost.

And the isn’t the first time the ghost has been seen.

The ghost first turned up on social media last week, and he garnered plenty of attention when appeared in a video outside Internacional’s stadium.

The ghost, who has the letter ‘B’ on his get-up to signify the second division in Brazil, is thought to be trying to summon extra help for Internacional to be relegated.

Watch the video below.

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