Thursday, September 29, 2016

Italian media claim Ronaldo is still secretly dating Cristina Buccino

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Back in the summer, Italian gossip magazine Chi published pictures of Italian model Cristina Buccino hanging out with Cristiano Ronaldo in Ibiza.

Cristina Buccino spoke to Chi to confirm she dated the Real Madrid star:

I arrived at this place and Cristiano Ronaldo was there.

We met, noticed, our eyes met, and then he invited me to dinner, like a gentleman. He is a great guy.

Asked if between them is born something lasting, Cristina Buccino answered dryly:

What I have to say is that Cristiano Ronaldo is cool. I’ve seen him with my naked eye. When you know a person, however, you discover the rest, and Cristiano is a generous guy and a true gentleman who knows how to woo a woman.

Italian media claim Cristiano Ronaldo is still secretly dating model Cristina Buccino

At the same time as reports fly about that Ronaldo is now dating a former Miss Spain, Desire Cordero, Chi have announced Ronaldo is still dating Cristina Buccino.

Chi have told their readers:

Anyone who thinks it was a flash in the pan- the public meeting this summer between Cristiano Ronaldo and Cristina Buccino, the Real Champion Madrid and the Portuguese national team- is wrong.

The relationship between the two continues. For now everything in secret, but a twist is coming.

It goes without saying that Chi seem to have no evidence supporting their claim.

Source: Chi

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