Wednesday, September 21, 2016

'You Are A Cheat': Azerbaijan club says 23-yr-old Nigerian player is over 40

Scandal in Azerbaijan: Is 23 year old Nigerian footballer Victor Emenayo actually over 40?

A Nigerian footballer who plies his trade with Azerbaijan club side, Shahdagh Qusar FK, Victor Emenayo, is at the center of an age cheat scandal that is threatening to truncate his playing career as the club officials are set to drag him to world football body, FIFA, over allegations of falsifying his age.

Emenayo who claims to be 23-years-old is being investigated by the Azerbaijani football federation after some discrepancies were discovered in his passport with one of them stating that he is 28-years-old, while the club insists he is well above 40.

In a statement where the club says Emenayo is even older than their coach, they also maintain that the striker is '17 times older than the age he is claiming on his international passport.'

According to Emenayo's international passport, he was born in 1993, which would make him 23, but the striker who played for many years in Uganda with SC Villa, before moving to Azerbaijan. But according to officials of Shahdagh Qusar FK, a search on the Internet about the striker showed he is far older than he is claiming.

Emenayo is already the butt of ridicule by social media users in Azerbaijan with the media also joining in the discrepancies documents about the age of the Nigerian, stating that he indeed looks well above 40 years old.

But many people have also come out to support Emenayo with claims that he could be suffering from a rare condition called Lorde Disease, a condition that makes one older than he looks.
Some Nigerians have also defended Emenayo by saying that he could have passed through tough times which could have affected his looks.

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