Thursday, October 6, 2016

10 Little Things That Count And Would Make A Woman's Heart Melt

The once-in-a-month flowers or boxes of chocolates are well appreciated, but where is your 'I miss you' text message?

The above quite summarizes what the mind of a woman looks like. [We don't know for sure. No one does, really.]

Every birthday gift, anniversary gift, the holiday trips... everything is deeply appreciated, all of them earning you marks but there are things that earn you some better grades, and they are not really hard to do.

They are the little things. The day-to-day, seemingly inconsequential things. Those are the things that melt a woman's heart more, and casts her deeper in love with you.

So, what are these little things?

Getting the car door
Don’t be fooled into thinking this has gone out of fashion. It hasn’t. Again I repeat, it has not gone out of fashion!

Sending random cute texts
Nothing grand, really. "I hope your day is going well — miss you" will be fine on many occasions.

Long hugs and kisses
The type that has them sighing and melting into your body. Yes, do it. Consistently. That’s the keyword here. Consistence.

Telling her she looks pretty
Especially if she just made her hair, fixed her nails, bought a new dress, or took time to apply her makeup. [You’re going to be telling her she looks nice all the time, bro. All the time!]

Ask how her day went
Asking that simple question even if you get almost the same answer everyday is important. It shows to het that you care. It really does, guys.

Listen and actually hear what they say. Not some pretence while you are wondering why Marouane Fellaini is still playing for Manchester United, or why Cesc Fabregas has become such a terrible footballer saddenly.

Remember details from an old discussion
Girls expect you to listen, but they are not too surprised if you do not remember minute details of some old conversation, because many of them are resigned to the idea.

If, somehow you surprise her by actually remembering something she thought you would have forgotten, and if you happen to do this with some sort of frequency, she’ll love you more.

Phone calls
Phone calls are not that common anymore as texting has taken over almost completely. That occasional phone-call to balance your long, long chats will only endear you further to her.

Holding our hand
It may seem so unimportant, but hand-holding is still such a sweet thing to do.

Saying ‘I love you unexpectedly’
They know you do, but they like to hear it, especially at random times, and not when you are trying to get laid, or when you are about to err… you know… arrive. [Lol. All those silly words of endearments some guys come up with when they get there.]

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