Saturday, October 15, 2016

8 Signs That Show You Are Seriously Bored With Your Relationship

When you and your partner started to date it felt like ecstasy and you guys couldn’t get enough of each other, you guys called everyday for hours, the s3x was mind blowing and your pda game was fire.

2 years later you’re bored and tired of the relationship and the only reason you’re with them is because everyone knows you’ve been dating and you don’t have any solid reason to break up yet.

Here are a few signs you’re seriously bored and tired of your relationship.

1. BECAUSE YOU’VE LOST WHAT WAS ONCE YOUR LIFE: You have no special times outside of your relationship. If you give up on your own life just to spend more time with your partner, there will always come a time when you feel like you need your own life back because you don’t know who you are anymore. Avoid that stage, and learn to give yourself and your partner a lot of me-time.

2. YOU FIND YOUR PARTNER’S BEHAVIORS ANNOYING: Do you find some details about your partner’s behavior annoying, be it their clumsiness or their laziness? Learn to communicate. Even the smallest issues grow out of proportion with time. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. Unless you confront it, it rolls all the way to the end, getting bigger with every roll.

3. TOO MUCH TOGETHER TIME: Together time is good, but too much together time can be claustrophobic. Spend time with your own friends or by yourselves now and then. When you meet up again at the end of the day, both of you will be excited to talk about your own lives for a change.

4. YOU MISS YOUR SINGLE DAYS: This is a scary place to be, and you can never get over it unless you learn to deal with it. It may just be a passing phase, but unless you learn to cope with it, the thought will pop back into your head time and again. What would you do when you were single? Do the same things with your partner, of course, minus the flirting with the opposite sex part. You can do that when your partner isn’t around if it makes you feel better.

5. DIFFERENT LIFE GOALS: If you have no shared passions or long term goals together, both of you will have nothing to look forward to and will definitely end up getting bored of each other. Build castles in the air together, and learn to dream about a better life together. It’ll make both of you feel more passionate about working towards a common goal, and bring both of you closer too.

6. ZERO SPONTANEITY: Planning your whole life together is the perfect way to prepare yourselves and the relationship for the future. But every now and then, both of you need a few moments of reckless madness to keep the relationship exciting. After all, a little detour from the straight path now and then always makes things a lot more exciting.

7. THE SEX IS DYING: Yes, it’s true. Sex can get rather monotonous after a few years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around and bring the sizzle back in bed. If you find it more fun to think of excuses to avoid sex than actually have it, you’re more than just bored with your love life.

8. EMOTIONAL CHEATING: You may be having an emotional affair with a good friend or even a colleague at work, and not even know it! Do you find it easier to talk about your work or your personal problems with someone else but not with your partner? Unless you open up to your partner and communicate with them, you’d always feel disconnected and bored.

(Source: Howng)

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