Monday, November 21, 2016

Important Skin Care Products And The Correct Way To Apply Them

In today’s day and age, high stress levels along with hectic lifestyles take a toll on your skin. But have you ever wondered that even after using the best skin care products of the most renowned brands, your skin feels just like it did before the application of the products?

Well that is because different products work their magic on the skin at specific times during the day. And that is because the skin secretes oil, moisture etc. during fixed times throughout the day. So, to help you through this confusion, we get you the perfect time to apply essential skin care products in the day and at night.

#1. Face wash and cleansing: 6-7 AM
When you get up early in the morning that is the time your skin is most sensitive. That is the time you need to cleanse or wash it with a very mild face wash. Using harsh products can cause redness, some skin irritation and in very severe cases, even pimples. Also, avoid using any kind of soaps on the face as the pH levels of soaps is very high and harmful for the skin.

#2. Sunscreen: between 8.30-9 AM
The skin produces an enzyme called sebum in the morning which is a great moisturiser for the skin. Thus, moisturisers and skin serums aren’t really required at this time of the day. Application of layers of cream will only block circulation of the skin. All you need to do at this time is to apply a good sunscreen with a decent SPF, and you are ready for the day unless of course you have very dry skin for which you need some moisturiser too.

#3. Face wipes and tissues: noon
Around noon, the skin usually secretes its natural oils because of which, the face starts to look dull and oily. And when that happens, keep wet wipes or face wipes to clean your face so that it looks fresh and hydrated. Also, make sure to drink lots of water to make your natural glow stay as it is.

#4. Light moisturiser or hydrating serum: 4-5 PM
Around early evening, the skin again starts to lose its moisture. This is the perfect time to apply a light face serum or a light moisturiser. A face gloss is also a good idea at this time. And if you have dry skin, gloss will quickly absorb in your skin and give it a subtle shine

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