Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Veteran comedian Alibaba replies rude fan

According to Alibaba he received a very rude message from a fan, rather than respond in a like manner the veteran comedian decided to take the comic route. See his response after the cut

I received a very interesting DM yesterday night. Read it twice and let it settle in and read it again. 

Maybe the person expected me to react by being nasty... The first shot she fired was WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? When anyone asks this question, getting upset doesn't answer the question. So, I am a Prince of Agbarha Otor, Royal palace, and was born in Numa Marternity, Warri, Middle West. I am a comedian, motivational speaker, poet, ideas generator, media content developer, photographer, Mc, cartoonist, husband, father, son,... she also asked WHAT GAVE ME THE F*****G RIGHT TOO DELETE HER COMMENTS ON MY PAGE... 

As she rightly put it, it's my page and I have "that" right to associate with who I wish as stated in the Nigerian constitution.

 YOU ARE POSING ALL OVER INSTAGRAM LIKE YOU ARE A SAINT. RUBBISH!... At no time have I mentioned or claimed to be a saint. One thing I have always done is tell it as it is. I am no saint. I get upset. I am a Christian that is trying. There is nothing that I do that some men of God don't do. 

Some even more. But I know it's a continuous journey. As the Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. ALL. As for galavanting all over Instagram, I am sure if you didn't follow me, I won't be on your timeline. In fact I would think that blocking you saves you my trash. I'm writing this and expect that your friend whose account you used to DM will show you, and after that, I will now block her too. 

So if you want to still see my posts, since denying you that status annoyed you so much, I will advise you make a lot of friends who you can use their accounts. Or set up as many as you can. Na blocking galore. You called me A DRY COMEDIAN... yet some of the names you called make it rain with some of my jokes. I'm an ever flowing fountain. Like I said... I am no saint... but don't take my word for it. Check my files. 

ARE YOUR MATES ON INSTAGRAM? You asked... that needs no reply. 

HOW DOES USING SWEAR WORDS MAKE ME BAD? You obviously don't get it. Can you pray to your God with those words? There you go. I don't care when where and how you use your VULGARITY... just not on my timeline. E no reach quarrel''

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