Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tonto Dikeh pledges to build road for a community in Abuja

Nigerian Superstar Actress, Philanthropist & Founder of The Tonto Dikeh Foundation who wowed some times ago to Keep Nigerians highly entertained using her acting prowess and to also keep back to the society, to the needy, showing and passing love among the less privileged hand in hand, passion with passion with great dedication.

Over the years, even before getting married, Tonto Dikeh has been impacting positively into lives through her Foundation which is a Non Profit- Non Governmental organization that is focused on advocating for ladies molested via sexual assaults, rape and lending assistance to the needy. She also focus to help the nursing mothers making it possible for local and international organizations like UN women & Commonwealth Nations to access the funding, tools, training and support they need to become more effective and make our world a better place.

To young girls Raped and molested, The Tonto Dikeh Foundation gives hope to the young girls by providing help to them through partners depending on their individual cases. They support them during ante natal and post natal period, mentoring these young women so they can fit into the society again with a new sense of belonging and giving them a second chance in life to be great. They also help these young mothers to take care of their kids by placing the kids into special homes. They support their upkeep,feeding, education and anything a child will need to become great and most of all they give them shelter.

With all of these as her philanthropic platforms, Tonto Dikeh-Churchill was hands on deck with her husband Mr Churchill as The Big Church Foundation  (Her husband’s) organized the walk for love event which brought smiles on the faces of the less privileged. The WALK OF LOVE held on the 3rd of December 2016 bringing together dignitaries and celebrities from all around Nigeria to share, interact and give to the handicapped in the Society. This Act of kindness and love had Eagle Square as the meeting point from where the walk began to the Millenium Park where it all climaxed with food, gifts, medical support and so much more for the handicapped in Society.
Mrs Tonto while giving her speech on that day, saying;

 ” I realized the difficulties and challenges that the physically challenged people at the Karimajiji Village are facing; Poor Road Networks, Inefficient Electric Power supply, Inadequate Water Supply, Low Standard Schools & Poor Hygienic environment. I know these people can never function optimally. It’s disheartening to know that government can neglect a village where over 2500 physically challenged persons are living in the capital city of Nigeria (Abuja)”

As tear rolled down in torrents from her eyes, she pronounced to help them grade their major roads, pay some students school fees and will regularly pays them a visit to see how she can help to better their lives and of course to make the place popular for other noble Nigerians to give aids and better their lives.

She further stressed that she will immediately deploy all the machineries to make their life better.

Present at the event to share love and gifts to the Handicapped were celebrities like: Multiple award winning TV presenter and humanitarian Amb. Rachel Bakam aka Rachel the PIPER who covered all the proceedings of the day to air on her television programme TRENDS & RACHEL.  Also present were: Sensational Musician Praiz, The Sweet Nollywood Aneke Twins, Actress Halima Abubakar, Screen and Comic Goddess Helen Paul, Legendary Rugged Man, Charming Emma Naira, Lyrical Bez, Nollywood A-list Actor Victor Ancrum, Trailblazing Jaywon, Dapper Mamuze twins and so many others. Also present was the female Coach who led the Nigerian team to victory at the Para-Olympics held recently.

“We are proud to let you know that work will commence on all the roads leading to Karamajiji Village from Friday 23rd and be completed on Saturday 24th of December and 25th of December 2016 will be a time to merry with the people at the disabled colony. So we use this medium to invite every body to join us as we bring smiles to the faces of the less privileged.
Merry xmas and a prosperous new year to you all”

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