Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Singer Harrysong denies being married to former Miss Nigeria

Singer Harrysong, has reacted to reports making the rounds that he secretly wedded an ex-Most Beautiful Girl in Niger Delta in 2014, Harriet Edide, last year.

In a telephone chat with Premium Times, the Reggae Blues singer denied the claims that he had been secretly married for some months now.

He said, “I never (been) married to the girl in question and I have never been married. It is not something that should be kept secret if I was indeed married. Yes, Harriet and I dated in the past so she is just my ex-girlfriend.”

When asked why they were no longer together, he said,

“I found out that we were both AS so there was no way we could get married. I really looked forward to marrying her when we dated. The news of my supposed ‘secret marriage’ only happened in the reporter's imagination. Doesn’t (it) sound daft that I would opt for a secret marriage? I want my fans to know that I am not married and neither am I in a relationship.”

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