Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Please don't let us politicise the protest - Seyi law to 2Face as he lends support

Comedian Seyi Law has join series of Nigerian celebrities lending their support to 2Face's led nationwide protest on 6th of February.

He applauded him and also reminded him that the protest shouldn't be politicized. He wrote;

"I have seen you come under serious criticism and read from some people who think your mistakes should be held on you for ever, but I am here to tell you that I am with you.
You didn't start the movement, you only lend your support to the voice of the people. You have only proven that at a time such as this, Nigeria and Nigerians deserve to truly be served.
I can boldly say we are not lazy people, we just don't enjoy the right environment to excel. Good governance has been the bane of our development and institutions. Together with you, we will rise and match against those that oppress us.
Today, I stand with you and as long as your stand is for the good of this nation, I will keep standing. Please don't let us politicise the protest as some fools made us do with the fuel subsidy. God bless you brother.

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