Friday, March 10, 2017

OAP Freeze bursts Uche Maduagwu, reveals he is a 'flyer boy' not an actor

OAP Freeze is still coming at 'actor' Uche Maduagwu after he called him out to focus on his job and leave pastors alone.

Well, they are still exchanging words on social media, and Freeze has revealed via a DM sent to him that Uche might not be the actor he claims he is. He wrote;

"Dear all,
Information just getting to me, reveals the likelihood that Uche is not the actor he claims to be, instead, he is alleged to be a flyer boy popularly known as Temiflow! According to the information received from an anonymous whistle blower, he is one of those guys that share event flyers in traffic.
Here he is pictured above, according to the source, sharing flyers for the festival mall in Festac, with his crew under the hot sun.
Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but I will not continue exchanging words with you at this juncture, as I avoid dealings with people who claim to be what they are not!
Don't get me wrong bro, I have nothing against recharge card sellers, but don't claim to be an engineer, actor or a doctor on social media, if you are something entirely different! I will however, offer to assist you in your chosen field, should you be man enough to accept the truth about your reality and have the mindset for personal development and change!
Stay blessed. ~FRZ"

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