Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Actress Uche Elendu Shares Testimony On How She Suffered Endometriosis For 7 Years And Her Miraculous Pregnancy

Actress Uche Elendu, welcomed her second daughter, Sinach on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Sinach is a year older today and the proud mum took to her Instagram page to celebrate her and also share the testimony of how she suffered endometriosis, conquered it and conceived.

Once upon a time,1 year ago.. My life was lit up with a light so bright and my story changed to the glory of the Almighty God... Osinachi is your name because u r truly from God.. God used u to show me and the world that he is God All by Himself. My miracle baby, a child that defied all medical results and was conceived, a child that beat "Endometriosis" and saved her mother from daily torture of pain and painkillers. This is my Testimony: I suffered endo for 7 years and i went through the most painful years of my life, taking voltaren for pain everyday of my life, travelling all around the world seeking medical treatment. Hmmmmn.. My gynaecologist in south Africa said to me "Uche, endometriosis has no cure, there's no guarantee that it won't grow back after this surgery". Imagine a doctor saying this to u in the recovery room of a just concluded surgery.. Oh God I was shattered, and true to her word, 1 month after I got back to Nigeria it started again and i went back to my misery. The pain of knowing u can't conceive again, the pain of taking different sorts of medicine both herbal and orthodox to dry up the growth, the pain of going through excruciating pain in your stomach everyday. Hmmmn.. I was all alone in this or so I thought until my father called me one day and said Nneoma have u laid this problem before God? And then I remembered I AM NOT ALONE, I went on my knees and cried and prayed and fasted and called upon the king of kings and the Lord of lords. I won't forget to appreciate my daddy @bishopisaacidahosa who stood by me in prayers.. It was as if the my world was upside down.. My daughter kept saying to me mummy when am I gonna have a sister? All my classmates have sisters, and this I always presented to God.. My best friend @benedictjohnson1 introduced me to Kedi and i started taking the drugs, I also travelled to the US for another surgery. Hmmmn on my arrival at the hospital in the US, I paid my bills and was scheduled for surgery, my vitals and other tests were carried out, I went home and came back the nextday to be operated on only for the doctor to call me into his office and say to be continued
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#contd "Uche when was your last period and I said last week and he said ok sorry we have to do a confirmation test on you" and i said confirm what ?and he is like "I'll See u in 30mins". Then I went to give my blood sample and waited to be called in. I went into that office again and the doctor said to me "Uche this is a rare case". My heart raced I was scared of what he wanted to say, and then he said "you are 10 weeks PREGNANT!!!" OMG how??? when?? where??all I could say was JESUS!!! but I've been seeing my regular periods and the Lord spoke to me and said "I am that I am.. I do what I say I will do, for your sake I have broken protocols, I make impossibilities possible!!!hehehehe..i dialled my dad's number immediately and told him the news and he said to me "The God I serve has never let me down". The doctor facilitated my refund and i was registered for antenatal instead of laparoscopic excision!!!!! To be continued #part2 #mytestimony #miraclebaby #1-100yrs #childofsignsandwonders
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Happy birthday my Angel.. You have brought so much joy to me and shut the mouth of my enemies.. You made me a woman again and for that I bless you. You shall mother nations and generations shall look up to you.. Story #contd..Yes I was pregnant but it didn't end there.. I had been taking medicines and the fear of the foetus being malformed was a source of worry to me, and then my blood pressure sky rocketed. Hmmmn.. I just held on to God, in my 9months journey I kept all to myself.. special thanks to my friends @benedictjohnson1 @ogeokoye @ucheogbodo @iniedo @harrimoore who stood by me through those months of uncertainty and to my pastor Bishop Sebastian Ndu for his incessant prayers and spiritual guidance, to my parents who catered for me and showed me undiluted love, to my man who is a blessing from God.. to my first daughter chizzy whose words strengthened me day by day, to Queen Amadi who held my hands in prayer in the favour room where I bore Osinachi, to @adaartsstudio who made my stay in the US less stressful.. to all my fans who welcomed Osinachi like the royalty she is.. AND SPECIALLY TO GOD ALMIGHTY WHO MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE!!! ON the 26th April 2016 by 12.30 am my Angel was brought forth with a big smile on her face.. I celebrate u today and all the days of your life..#aprilbaby #testimony #starkid #jesusbaby #BabySinachIsOne
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