Thursday, April 27, 2017

Not Everyone Will Buy into Your Vision, Watch out For Dream Killers – CEO, Ebonylife TV Mo Abudu

CEO of Ebonylife TV, Mo Abudu has noted that whatever vision you have in life, you have the responsibility to convey it as much as you can to people who will buy it.

She stated that in life there are dream killers as well as dream makers.
The dream killers are there to discourage and see that your dreams do not find expression, just like the brothers of Joseph did. They even tried to kill him because of envy and jealousy.

But dream makers are those who will defy all odds in other to see that your dreams become a reality. The talk show host revealed that most of the successes she has achieved were made possible because of some unknown people who decided to help her achieve it.

In her words,” In life, there are dream makers and dream killers. Just as it is important for you to listen to dream killers it is much more important to pay attention to those who will help you make your dreams. And most times, it comes from complete strangers, I never knew them, they just walk into my life.”

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