Saturday, June 9, 2018

The African Woman's Travails

One of the socio-cultural problems that we have in the world is the male-controlled structure and the impression that it is right. 

As with life, everything can be learned or unlearned. Men can be thought the boundaries, women can be thought the same. I have often confirmed that the humans have animalistic instincts and need to be controlled by rules.

The world has made some mundane laws look so pleasing and easily believable, but this call is to awaken the consciousness to question norms.  

For millennials, there is no better time to appreciate disruptive thinking than now. Generation X has admitted to its shortcoming, it is only wise not to join that bandwagon.

It is biologically proven that women are weaker and that has allowed for several misinterpretations. This does not mean women were molded with lesser quality materials, it means that we appreciate peculiarity and uniqueness. 

The oppression of women is foundational and has been aided by the media, the typical representation of an African woman does not depict strength. This is where the concept of feminism was birthed, it is on this note that the 21st-century woman who has made a phenomenal impact is less respected solely because of something she has no control over.

There would be men who would be incomparable, there would be those who are empty and would consistently look at women as sexual objects meant for their satisfaction. 

The idea is to change the narrative using the power of storytelling for posterity’s sake, the battle is a tough one. It is even tougher to see that women suffer mentally from the sin that they had no choice over, the mere fact they were born female.

If subjugation of any sort is averted, the reward is not appreciated because it is what is expected. How did we get to a point, when the home front should be manned by the woman who also contributes to the financial well-being of the home? 

The point where tradition instills several barbaric sentiments in our minds, down to the differentiation of house chores and lifestyles approved for little boys and girls.

There is a thin line between gender-specific roles and oppression of one gender over the other. 

This is the most relatable side of injustice against women, particularly married women who are made to believe that the success of the marital vows is her duty. 

Too many abused women and no laws forbidding it because the lawmakers are men. Women should fly just as high as men if not higher, women should be allowed to express themselves without deliberate demeaning.

Another reasoning for the relegation of women is Christianity. It is based on the biblical law of a woman’s submission. This source is selective and does not cover the truth of what the good book says. 

Submission is beauty and not idiocy replicated. Submission is strength and not blind followership particularly with a man who sees the world in good light. It is an anomaly to believe that submission is slavery.

Laws that favor the woman and things that bring out her inner shine should be supported. 
Ever heard that a woman who is free is 10 times the woman she is meant to be? 

All of these antipathies on the value of a woman is blamed on culture. Culture is however not static, culture can be changed over time.

Culture should never be the excuse for absurdity, culture is merely to know how we are and how we became. How so do we not copy everything from our early culture, it is safe to say that we do not live in that era and select the part of a culture we repeat.

In spite of all these, the onus of repairing the status quo rest on women more than men. 

The information should be disseminated and much more through self-awareness. 

Gender rigid roles are limiting and should be redefined. 

Culture should be a blessing and not a curse, and as such should not be confused. 

Embrace identity and if by any chance culture has no benefit then it should be sieved. If not, do we then embrace the killing of twins, marrying several wives, and other terrible happenings?

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