Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If it ain't broke, break it; variety is the spice of your life - Bovi

Comedian Bovi has dished out very inspiring words .Read after the cut...

"The essence of this post is to show off this suit by @mcmeka but I'm gonna pretend like it's an inspirational post. So in life, whatever you do, a positive attitude is your biggest weapon to succeed. 

Nobody really likes to be with drawbacks. You can't help everybody in life. You will die if you do. Some people like to dwell in sorrow. If you try and they don't accept it, leave them. Fear manipulative people. 

They will destroy you eventually. Learn to listen. You don't learn when you do all the talking. Dance! When you're dead you won't be able to. Laugh at yourself; it immunes you from the scorn of others! 

Don't reply anonymous bullies, if they were as strong as you they wouldn't hide their identities in the first place. Smile; even if it's fake it's better than a frown. Price that car/house/fine girl/fine boy! You just might be able to afford it tomorrow. Prophesy good things into your life; prophesy is free. 

Wash your mouth; smelling breath drives good people away but bad people can bear it. Mess; it's natural! Love others; it's the best form of giving! Rest well; or you will Rest In Peace too soon! Say sorry and mean it; it flatters God! 

He can just vex and give you scholarship for life; be naughty; normalcy is boring. Lastly, if it ain't broke, break it; variety is the spice of your life."

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