Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ali Baba's advice to women who stay in abusive marriages

Nigerian comedian Ali Baba is not happy at the way some women are being treated in their marriage.
The comedian took to his Instagram page to share his advice to women who remain in abusive marriages.

He posted a photo of a lady who was attacked by her husband and was kicked out of her home in the middle of the night in Akwa Ibom.
He wrote, ‘And some will say stay… And take it to the Lord in Prayer… every marriage has it’s own challenges… that is just their way. Until the violent spouse kills the partner. Shebi God said till death do us part? Now that the spouse is trying to the partner, people now want person to listen to God. When God said Adam and Eve… they said its Adam and Steve. Did you take that to God and he said ride on? John and Jacob… That’s ok.
See photo below:

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