Friday, October 28, 2016

10 Types Of Nigerians You Would Find On Instagram

Nigerian Instagram is definitely an experience.

As with everything, Nigerians have found a way to personalise Instagram and infuse it with Naija flavour. There are a lot of characters you’d find on Nigerian Instagram, and we decided to categorise them. Here are 10 types of people you’re sure to find on your Instagram timeline.

1. The lovers
Everything on their Instagram page is about their bae, and how much they love them. All the pictures on their page are pictures of them with their partner, either kissing or cuddling. They love to tension everyone and push their love and happiness down people’s throats. Especially the single folks.

2. The Globetrotters
These ones are always in a new country every month taking exotic pictures and basically rubbing it in your face that they are having the time of their lives.  They’ve probably been to every continent on earth and their passport is filled with Visa stamps.

3. The Makeup artists
These ones are the mamas. Their page is usually filled with transformation pictures and ‘before and after’ pictures.

4. The Model
This one is usually a very hot girl who knows how to work her angles and take great pictures. She has probably done a few shoots with an upcoming photographer and has ‘for bookings’ in her bio. Usually, has a lot of followers and thousands of likes.

5. The Entrepreneur
These are popularly known as Instagram vendors. Instagram is an office and marketplace for these ones, and they are all about the money. They usually post the items they have for sale on their page and you’d hardly see any personal pictures of them. They also never include the prices of their items, so you have to add them on WhatsApp or send a direct message. Stress!

6. The events person
This person always posts pictures of them at every event and hot spot in town. They are always at a wedding every Saturday and ready to tag Bella Naija in their Aso Ebi pictures.

7. The fashionistas
These ones always slay! They always have the latest fashion items and know how to take great pictures too.

8. The comedian
These ones are there to give comic relief. Some are really annoying, because they are not funny at all, and they only crack themselves up.

9. The Photographer
This person usually has an iPhone or an expensive camera and thinks ‘there is beauty in the ordinary’. Most of their pictures are usually over edited and nothing to write home about. Although there are some exception to this rule.

10. The chef
These ones are there to tantalise your taste buds and fill your timeline with awesome pictures of food. Most of the meals they make are unconventional and refreshingly different.

(Source: OMGVoice)

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