Thursday, November 3, 2016

7 Amazing things you can do during your lunch break

Do you find yourself anxiously waiting for you lunch break and when it’s finally time, you just sit there like a potato (or in our case; yam), probably nibbling on a pack of plantain chips as you stare blankly into space.

Here are seven amazing things you can do during your lunch break!

Meet Amaka. Amaka skips lunch to get more work done, Amaka ends up getting fatigued way before work closes. Don’t be like Amaka. Lunch time isn’t called “Lunch time” for nothing. It’s a time to refuel! A time to hit your favorite pepper soup joint or fast-food restaurant. Eat, splurge, and chat with coworkers over a steaming plate of rice.

Eating is amazing, but do you know what is even more amazing? Eating healthy. Replacing junk food with healthy food goes a long way, both mentally and physically. Switching from your usual “meat pie and coke” to a salad might be hard, but in the long run it is highly rewarding.

Take a break, turn off your phone(s), close that laptop and just breathe. Think of a happy thought or don’t even think at all. Try not to think about work or pending tasks during your lunch break.

There are a lot of exercises you can do in the office in less than an hour, or if your break is longer, you can visit the nearby gym or office gym. Burn those calories and gain those endorphins! (Hormones released during exercise responsible for uplifting moods, they are also known as ‘happy hormones’). Just make sure to pack your workout clothes in a bag, you don’t want to be sweaty in your office clothes.

Get Organised
I know lunch time is supposed to be time for relaxation, but it doesn’t hurt to get a little organized, especially if you’ve been putting off some tasks, this is the perfect time to get those done!

There’s nothing more relaxing than reading a good book – be it fiction, newspapers, magazines, conspiracy theories on ‘Creepypasta’ or even the calorie count at the back of the  ice-cream tub you had 5 minutes ago. The options are endless.

Take a Nap
Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Angry for no reason? No problem! Just take a nap. This enchanting activity will leave you feeling energized and happy, why do you think babies love it so much? Just make sure to not nap for more than 30 minutes, because when you do, your body is entering the “deep sleep” juncture and forcing yourself to awaken is extremely hazardous… well, maybe not “extremely”, but you might wake up feeling even more irritated than you were before. It’s all about ‘timing’ folks.

Call a Loved One
“Work” shouldn’t be an excuse to not keep in touch with loved ones. So call! If they don’t pick up, then leave a voicemail, that doesn’t do it for you? Write a letter, email, snail-mail, anything. This is a sure way to let your Mom, Dad, Spouse, Children, Aunty Bintu or Cab Guy that you were indeed thinking of them.

(Source: Chika Uwaize)

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