Monday, November 28, 2016

How Watching Adult Movies Can Ruin Your Marriage

A group of American researchers highlight the horrifying impact of pornography on society in the book The Social Costs of Pornography. And because it's so easy to access, there has been a significant increase in how much pornography is viewed.

One of the frightening discoveries of this research is how continuous consumption of pornography leads to pathological changes and dysfunctions. After years of ignoring the dangers of pornography, it has finally been included as an addiction and disease. This addiction, which so many people claim to be 'harmless' can be so severe it leads users to lose their marriages, families and jobs.

1. It destroys romance, creates insensitivity and can lead to sexual abuse
A man addicted to pornography loses interest in any type of romance with his wife. Rather than an act of love, sex becomes extremely carnal and violent. A husband may come to even rape his wife, because of the effects pornography has had on him.

Women who look at pornography tend to lose attraction to their partner and can only be stimulated by increasingly more destructive pornographic material.

2. Crushes self-esteem
A man viewing pornography tends to compare his wife's physical attributes and sexual performance with the porn actors or actresses. She in turn comes to believe that there is something wrong with her.

A guy who watches pornography may also feel insecure about marriage, because he fears his body or sexuality will disappoint his future wife.

3. Creates a loss of attraction
When an addict compares the wife or husband to the porn stars, they will never match up. This is because the addict does not realize what he or she watches is purely commercial. There is no reality in pornography, and it destroys practical judgment.

4. It creates dysfunctional problems
Studies of 28,000 men proved that pornography addiction causes erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

5. Distorts views on marriage and family
Lyden, one of the researches mentioned above, says: "For males, more pornography use was associated with greater acceptance of sex outside of marriage for married individuals, greater acceptance of sex before marriage and less child-centeredness during marriage. The reduced desire for children is especially pronounced in a reduced desire for female children."

6. Cause shame and guilt

7. Creates constant dissatisfaction
Pornography creates an illusion of sexual excellence that disrupts normal loving relationships. A person who views pornography is dissatisfied with what his or her spouse has to offer. Often they will suggest bizarre sexual fantasies because conventional intimacy is no longer satisfactory.

8. Fantasizes about other partners
Pornography sticks in your brain. It is difficult to ever erase those images from memory, and you'll find yourself fantasizing over someone who doesn't even exist. Even if the person get out of this addiction, he or she will have to live with flashes of these images for a long time.

9. Affects family relationships
Consuming pornography compromises family relationships. Trust, respect and love are shaken and eventually destroyed unless the consumer completely abandons viewing porn.

10. Leads to divorce
In addition to the problems mentioned above, many marriages are ended because of the direct effects of pornography.

Our advice is this: stay away from this enemy at all costs. Pornography is an enemy of peace of mind, love, romance, trust, communication, friendship, relationships and family. It perverts the meaning of sex, exchanging it to a filthy practice that leaves both partners dissatisfied. It destroys a person's ability to relate healthily and be happy. Put barriers in your home and life to prevent it from entering. Even a little pornography can be completely devastating.

(Credit:Erika Strassburger)

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