Saturday, October 22, 2016

How To Know You Are A Side Chic

In relationships guys are surprisingly the ones who find it hard to break up physically, they’d rather show signs than pass the message i.e the breakup across with actual words.

There are many ways a guy can show he’s done with the lady in a relationship and these are sure ones to look out for:

1. He starts off meaningless fights and for no reason
He snaps at jokes he ordinarily wouldn’t and everything the lady does at this point is annoying to him. He ultimately wants/waiting for a spark to end the relationship.

2. He disappears at will
All of a sudden the once smitten, always around guy is nowhere to be found. He finds it difficult to pick up the phone to call or even pick up the phone when the lady does.

People who take responsibilities for their actions, admit their wrongs etc in relationships are usually for keeps

3. He’s mean for no reason
He doesn’t consider the other party’s feelings or emotions anymore, he just comes across as cold (very cold).

4. He pays no attention/gets distant
 A guy planning to break off with his lady doesn’t pay attention anymore. He actually doesn’t pay any mind to the lady, what she wants and sometimes he strays/his thoughts stray when having a conversation.

5. He isn’t close to you anymore
The guy stops intimate conversations, hangs out without you and generally starts ‘doing his own thing’.

If all these signs and more persist, he may have moved on or just not interested anymore.

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